[HowTo] Add Right Click context menu entry to access Control Panel

[HowTo] Add Right Click context menu entry to access Control Panel

In our previous tutorials , We explained how to add context menu entries for

Shut Down
Lock the system

In this tutorial , We will explain about adding a context menu entry to easily access Control Panel

Editing registry entries can be risky, follow the mentioned steps properly , else, if you get confused in between,
revert the changes and close the registry editor.

– First, open the registry editor : Start Menu -> Run : type regedit,You should see the following main keys.

– Expand the key, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT , Then Search for “Desktop” : Expand the key showed below (shell).

Please note that , some of the desktop context menu entries are visible under this key, You can verify if you have selected the correct key by
cross checking the sub-keys with the desktop context menu entries, Also this tutorial has been tested in Windows 7, Please use the proper desktop
key whatever available in your operating system , and verify the sub-keys.

– Expand Shell, and notice few desktop context menu entries. Right click on Shell, and select NEW->Key

– Name the key as “Control Panel”

– Expand newly created key “Control Panel” and create one more key under “Control Panel” , name this key as “command

– Double click on command key, on the right panel, you will see “Default” value for this key, Double click on “Default“.

– Change the value to “rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL” as shown in the above picture, and click on OK.

– Close the registry editor.
Now , right click on the desktop, you should see the option for shut down, click the option to open Control Panel.

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