[CompleteGuide] Host your own Website for free

[CompleteGuide] Host your own Website for free

Most of the people get confused , When they want to start a website or a blog. We get lot of requests from our friends regarding, How to start a website, Which is the best hosting service, How to buy a .COM domain, How much will be the total cost etc.

So we decided to write a small tutorial about just starting a website , Without any cost. You can trial run your website in this free hosting service, and later you can always move your website to a reliable payed hosting service provider.

How to start with a domain name?

It is important to have a vanity domain name to your website. Because we stick into only freely available services for hosting website, we will concentrate only on that. Domains such as



Are available for free. You can open any of the above websites, and register your free domain. However, Google recently started .in domains for free. You can register here.

Free hosting services

Once you have selected the free domain, you will need the server where you can store the files related your website. Most of the websites , including mytechyard runs on PHP , linked to a MySQL database, on a Apache server. The points to consider here are,

Monthly bandwidth the server is offering.

Number of Free email accounts (to have a email that looks like yourname@yourdomain.com).

Number of MySQL databases supported by server.

We found an interesting server , which provides all the above features at no cost! You can just register there with your email account, and start building your website.

To start, Register Here

Services that HOURB offers

Free unlimited disk space

Unlimited Bandwidth

CPANEL with Auto Script Installer

Unlimited Domains

Free Sub domain

Unlimited Email Addresses

Once you have the account, you will get the access to your free CPANEL or the Control Panel.
You can land your free domain in this , and start building your website. The CPANEL offered by hourb, looks pretty much similar to the paid CPANELs, with little less options. Again, it is good enough for a free service.

Your CPANEL looks something like this.

Once you have a website setup, if you are getting considerable amount of good traffic, you can switch to a new and powerful server. In MyTechYard , We use GoDaddy. We did switch our server couple of times for the performance and security issues. So, before you spend money and buy the server. A good analysis on the hosting services is a must.

We would suggest you to spend money and buy .COM domain, and use free hosting service in the beginning stage. This is useful, when your website gets good traffic , and you suddenly want to change your domain name. Changing domain names can be very risky, there is a high risk of loosing your web traffic all together.

In the next tutorial , We will explain few more tutorials on how to , and where to register for a domain name. How to install , and setup a website etc.

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