[HowTo] Take screenshots in Chrome

[HowTo] Take screenshots in Chrome

Have you always painstakingly pressed the print screen button when you want the screenshot of a website, edited the captured image and then used it?  Awesome Screenshot, Capture and Annotate is a nice Chrome plug-in that eases the process of capturing and editing an entire webpage or a part of it.

1: Search for the Awesome Screenshot Capture and annotate chrome extension and press the Add to chrome button.



2: After it is successfully installed, you will get an icon in your Chrome.



3: Clicking on the icon drops down 3 main options



  • Capture visible part of page: Here you can capture a screenshot of the part of the page that is visible on your browser. You may scroll the page to suit your requirements.
  • Capture selected area: Here you can select a particular area of the page, for which you get a resizable marker. This option does not work on pages with HTTPS protocols
  • Capture entire page: Here the entire page, including the yet to be scrolled areas can all be captured as a single screenshot

4: All the captured screenshots are displayed in a new tab, with basic options for editing the picture, adding blur and cropping. Here is a simple example of the capture of a selected area from our own mytechyard.com, with some basic editing



5: Finally after you finish, press done. You will get options for saving the image to the location of your choice or copy it onto a clipboard for later use. You can also temporarily upload it to Awesomescreenshot.com (3 days) or in diigo.com.


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