[HowTo] Get email notifications in Chrome

[HowTo] Get email notifications in Chrome

If you have used Outlook and you have not configured your Gmail onto it, checking your mails from the browser can be a painful task sometimes if you have multiple tabs opened or doing some important work on your desktop. Checker plus for Gmail is a Chrome add-on that provides the much needed feature of desktop notifications for Gmail.

1: Go to the Chrome Web Store link from your browser and search for Google Mail Checker, click on add to Chrome button.

2: A configuration page for the Chrome extension is displayed after the installation is completed. You can customize your notifications to your liking and ease of use from this page.

3: You can also choose to open your mailto links with Gmail. The extension asks for grant of extra permissions if this option is clicked.

4: Now a mail icon is added near the settings icon in your Chrome.

5: A notification shoots up on your desktop as well as in your browser as soon as you get new mails. You can reply, delete and perform much more operations from the notification itself.

6: Features of this extension are
• Desktop notifications with sound when a new mail arrives
• Notification on the browser when new mail arrives
• Different icons and sounds to choose from
• Highly customizable notifications and display times
• Multiple Google accounts and Google apps accounts supported
• You can view your Inbox, priority inbox, labels or Trash.
• You can delete, reply, star, spam and mark the mail as read from the notifications itself.

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