[HowTo] Embed time seek information in Youtube video link

[HowTo] Embed time seek information in Youtube video link

Whenever you want to share a video, you usually share the Youtube link via mail or in any social networking sites like Facebook. If the video is really huge, and if you want to share only the interesting part in that video , If that clip is present somewhere in between, It is really difficult.

In this tutorial , We will explain, how you can embed “time to seek” information in the Youtube link itself so that, whenever you share the video, required clip is loaded from that time

As an example , I opened a video which is 3 minutes long, and the video is much more interesting after 33 seconds.

First step is copy video URL, and modify the link as shown below

The marked variable ( t=33s ) displays the time to seek in seconds, lets say if you have to seek to 2 minutes, the value is going to be 120s

Also, if you have the latest flash player, you can move the seek bar to the required time , and right click on the video, use “Copy video URL at current time“.

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