[HowTo] Download all your facebook data to your computer

[HowTo] Download all your facebook data to your computer

Recently I had a glance at the settings of my Facebook account, and so, is this tutorial.

This tutorial explains you, how you can download all your Facebook data in a single shot. These data include

  • Your profile information
  • Your complete wall post history, along with the comments and likes
  • Your photos, with the album view
  • Your Friends information along with their email IDs (If they have set the preference)
  • Your messages
  • Events Information

How To download all your data

First, log in to your Facebook account, and then navigate to Account Settings
Select General settings , scroll to bottom of the page, select “Download the Copy of data
Select the option.

Facebook takes little time to archive all your data, you can log off from you account and you will get an email notification when the archiving is done.

Once you get the email, Login back to your account , navigate to the same settings and click on “Download the copy of the data

You will be asked to provide the password, so provide the same

A ZIP file of your complete Facebook data gets downloaded !

How to see the downloaded Facebook data from the archive file

Now, you have the ZIP file of your complete data , Extract the data to a folder,

A folder named “facebook – XXXXXXX” gets created, where XXXXXXX is your Facebook profile ID or the username.

Double click on the file named “index.html

Done! You have a local copy of your Facebook page in your computer now!!! You can click on the various links on the left side, and see the required data you want.

Here is the screenshot of how the data looks once it has been downloaded from Facebook

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