Grab your email account now !

We came across an interesting domain ,, and they offer mail service .
The mail service provides 10GB of space, and the user interface looks pretty good. This domain is new , especially if you consider the mail service.
So Grab the domain now , to get a proper username in the email ID ! with the domain

Also, because the storage offered is less , kindly go through our tutorial : Integrate other email accounts to gmail
You can get the mails sent to your new domain , directly to your Gmail inbox !


Registration link at : Click Here

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5 thoughts on “Grab your email account now !

  1. was a domain of Aol has sold it to zee group. Zee is using this email service and domain name only to promote themselves. I will suggest not to use it cause its not reliable enough. Mail delivary or reception is not good, most of the time you are forwarded to other zee services and above all if you use etc etc as your extention you will have trouble even to log in. Mailbox, bulk email features are good and domain is a huge up.

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