Firefox Tweak : Open the search results always in new tab

All Firefox versions come with the quick search bar on the top right corner of the Firefox window, you can customize the search engines from the drop down available , Firefox will then perform the search using the selected search engine

The problem with this feature is that, Firefox always uses already opened tab to display the search results , In this tutorial we will explain, how we can fix this issue
whenever you type in something in the search box, and hit ENTER, results appear in new tab

– Open Firefox, in the address bar type “about:config

– Click , “I’ll be careful, I promise”

– In the filter box , type “openintab

– The default value for this parameter is set to false, set it to True, by double clicking on it

– Restart Firefox

That s all! now when you are on page , and search for anything, results open up in new tab, to turn off this feature, just reset the value to False

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