Internet Explorer 9 – A quick review

Well , After hearing a lot about IE9 , I decided to download and use IE9. Here are few insights on the first impression of IE9.

I did struggle to find 64 bit version of the same, and I got it after searching for about 30 minutes. The soft copy is compact in size, close to 35MB

Immediately after installing it, I was excited to explore the explorer . My first impression was not good , but yes, Microsoft did try their best in developing IE9 with the ideas from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

When you open IE9, it looks exactly like Google Chrome. IE9 has a bigger browsing area, default tab heights are reduced . Only thing which I did not like is, default view combines address bar along with tabs, presence of address bar in the same row as tabs, reduces the available space for tabs. There is a simple setting to change the same. After changing , you will get a Firefox -like look.

I do not know , for what reason in IE9 , the back button is chopped off , hope they fix it in the final release.

Finally IE9 includes download manager. Download manager looks pretty much similar to Firefox’s download manage, you can pause , resume , also change the location of downloaded files like the way we do in other browsers.

Add-on manager is another good feature IE9 bundled with. I did not explore , how big is IE9 add on collection, but yes, in future if we find some useful add on, it can easily be handled by add on manager.

According to Microsoft, IE9 has rich security features compared to old releases of IE, I did notice few menu items been added under “Safety” , IE9 supports private browsing too.

Well, finally the conclusion is , IE9 appears great. Many features and ideas are from Firefox and Chrome. But anyways , good to see a changed internet explorer.. !

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2 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 9 – A quick review

  1. Hey Nithin,

    Nice review man, I installed IE9 and got a chance to play around, MS continues their tradition of copying 🙂 you are right, many features are from chrome and firefox.

    Having said all that IE9 rather turned out to be slower than Firefox for me.. still misses the punch 🙁 🙁 IE8 was a rocker when it was released 🙂 … though now IE9 sheds its clothes to beat the summer heat .. but still I found its not hot enough for … Firefox still retains to be fast and more user friendly I believe…

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