Insert images , without attaching in Gmail

In one of our previous tutorials we explained how you can optimize the available storage space in gmail. We did mention about uploading the images in third party servers and use those images in gmail.

In this tutorial , we will explain how you can host images in third party images hosting services , and use the image in gmail , here we explain the scenario of Inserting the image into gmail , like the way you do in word document or outlook.

First , you need to enable insert image option in gmail. Navigate to Settings->Labs and enable insertion of images.

Upload the image in the hosting services like , photobucket and copy the direct link

Go to compose page, and click on the “Insert Image” icon

Select the second radio button, “Web Address URL“, And paste the URL you got from photobucket.

Image gets inserted in the compose page, you can re size the image or you can keep the original image.

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