URL Shortner addon for Firefox

Ever tried to tweet a big URL ? If you do so, you may run out of space as twitter has a character limit of 140 per tweet.
URL shorter helps you to keep any URL short. There are many websites which provide this service. (bit.ly , goo.gl etc).
Once you shorten the URL, you will get a simplified URL , if you open the shorted URL in the browser, you will redirected to the original URL.

I found one Firefox addon, which helps you to short any URL on the fly ! If you see a hyperlink on any webpage , right click on it, you will get an option to shorten it. If you select the menu entry to shorten the URL, Shorted URL gets directly pasted in clip board ! You just need to use “Paste” wherever you want to use the Shorted URL.

Steps to add
– Open Firefox Addon site : Click here

– Install the addon and restart firefox.

– Right click on any hyperlink , you will get the option to shorten it!

– Paste.

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