Tricks to save GMAIL storage space

Gmail, after it is open for public, the speed of storage space counter has come down significantly . Email services like Yahoo ,Hotmail etc provide unlimited storage space, so we need not actually worry about deleting the mails.

Gmail provides much more interesting features then any other mail service available, is the only one reason why many of us prefer gmail over any other email account.

I am going to provide you few steps, by following which you will not end up in a situation of deleting gmails !

1. Use Image sharing services :

Never attach picture into mail, as the sent mails consume lot of space over a period of time and then it will be tougher to decide which ones to delete.
When you have to send images over gmail, use image sharing services like , . Once you upload the picture, you will be given the codes to embed the image using HTML tags, you can use the same in your gmail. (Make sure that you compose mail in HTML and not in plain text).
If you feel embedding is difficult, then just send across the direct link you get as soon as you upload the picture in the image sharing website.

2. Host files for free , give the link in gmail

There are many file hosting services available online. I use as this supports unlimited file uploads for free, after you create a free account ,you will be able to use their service. You can upload the file upto 49MB in size, and get the link to the file. Paste the link in gmail, and send it to recipient. You will never have to attach files in gmail, and also EXE files can be sent over gmail. (Gmail doesnt allow EXE files to be sent as attachment) .

3. Set attachment filters for incoming mails

Set the filter and select the box “has attachment” and label it separately. You can view the mails which have attachment, and selectively delete whichever are not required.

4.Save document attachments in google docs.

Save all the document attachments of incoming mails in Google docs. You should use “View” option in mail, in order to open the document in Google docs. Then save the document, and set the visibility of the doc to private.

So, now you need not delete another gmail, by tweaking you will get unlimited storage in gmail !

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