Setting up Wi Fi properly in your home

In this tutorial, I explain, how you can configure Wi Fi properly for your home network. Assuming , you have the following equipments.

– Broadband router , along with broadband connection
– Wireless router
– Laptop / Desktop which can use WLAN / WiFi

First , make sure that the device are connected in the following pattern.

Boradband Router->WiFi modem -> laptop.

First step is to turn off the DHCP in the broadband router, as for WiFi connections we will be using the DHCP from the wireless modem , not from the ISP router.

To open the settings of your ISP router, please refer to the manual (write in the browser, it should open up the settings or

Then, connect the ISP router to the wireless router via Patch cord LAN cable. (Refer to the wireless router manual)

Open the settings of Wireless router.

Locate the internet settings, and give the following addresses

IP Address : IP address for your wireless router, which can be anything
Subnet mask : Will be filled automatically
Gateway : IP Address of your ISP Router (Give the same IP address which you used to open the configuration of ISP router)

Locate the DHCP settings in the wireless router, and enable it. Specify the start and end IP addresses

As shown the above picture, it can roughly connect 200 device to share the internet.

Set the network security key.

Search for Wireless network in your laptop, and enjoy browsing!!!

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