Google introduces two-step verification process

As an added security measure, Google recently introduced 2-step verification process for all the products associated with Google Accounts.
To enable this feature, you need to first integrate your phone number with Google Accounts. When you use Google products , Gmail for example. You will be given a temporary paraphrase via SMS to your mobile. After you enter your Gmail password, you will be prompted to provide the code, providing the correct code will allow you to use the Google Product.

Two step verification is turned off by default to all the accounts, to enable this
– Log-in to : Google Accounts

– Select “Using two step verification”. You will get the following screen. Click set up.

– Enter the phone number , and verify the number.

– Now comes the important step. Google gives you a set of backup codes, which can be used to access your account in case if you loose your mobile phone

– Remember not to save these codes in google docs .

You are done! Now your account is enabled with 2-step authentication , you can turn that off by again navigating to the account settings page.

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