Backup your important data online for free

We hardly take regular backup of all the data we have, thanks to system restore provided in windows , Which will make sure that not all your data are completely vanished.

I came across a useful software / website which allows you to backup your important data and store it online. You can also recover / Download the data whenever you need them back.

In one of previous posts , I wrote about SkyDrive. The problem with SkyDrive is, they do not provide a desktop utility to interact with their server. As a result we need to open the website and manually upload the files one by one through the web interface.

Steps to backup data
– Download the utility : Click here : Sign up (Free)
– Install the utility

– Select the folders for backup

– You can also schedule the backup, make sure that your computer is connected to internet

Free account gives you 5GB of backup for free.. which is pretty good . If you want more space, then you need to purchase the space

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