Download and import GMAIL contacts to outlook

In this tutorial, I explain how you can download and sync Gmail contacts to your outlook address book. The procedure is really simple.

Gmail saves all the mail addresses in its address book, no matter if you have saved the particular contact explicitly . It means, if you send a mail to any address, the destination email id gets stored in Gmail address book.

– First, log in to your Gmail account, and Click on “Contacts” Select “More Actions” then choose “Outlook CSV“.

– Open outlook, then choose “Contacts

– Navigate to File -> Import and Export , this opens Import and Export wizard.

– Select the option “Import from another program or file

– Select “Comma Separated Values (Windows)

– Locate the file which you downloaded from Gmail

– You do not have to map the custom fields , just click on Finish.

Your outlook address book will now be updated with the Gmail contacts. Similar steps can be used to sync Gmail contacts to your mobile phone as well. You just have to export it as vCard then import the vCards in your mobile.

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