Disable show hidden files , folders and drives

In windows you can hide any folder by going into the folder properties and mark it as “hidden” . The funny part is , you can make it visible too by just navigating into folder options and select “Show hidden files, folders and drives”

This tutorial I will explain how you can disable showing of hidden files , folders and drives by editing registry keys .
Make sure that you have the Administrator privileges in your computer and then follow these steps

Open the registry editor by RUN->regedit and hit ENTER . You will see the registry editor with the following 4 main keys.

Open the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE , Navigate to SOFTWARE->Microsoft->Windows->Explorer->Advanced->Folder->Hidden

You will see two entries, NOHIDDEN and SHOWALL.

Select each of them , and note down the Values for the following keys “CheckedValue” and “DefaultValue” (You can see those values on the right panel of registry editor : Refer to the picture)

Double click on the keys and change the values to the following
NOHIDDEN : CheckedValue = 2, DefaultValue = 2
SHOWALL: CheckValue = 2, DefaultValue = 1

This will permanently disable the option of showing the hidden files and folder, drives etc. If you want to open the hidden file, write the file path in the Explorer address bar.
This trick will enable user to set any option in the folder options, but will not show any hidden files / folders
At any point of time if you want to get the old behavior back for the folder options, Just revert back the values to the old values (which you have noted)

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