Cut video clips using VLC

There are many software available online which help you to cut the video clips. You can also use VLC player to do the same job. In this tutorial , We will explain how you can clip the videos using VLC Player.

First, Install VLC : Click here to download.

Open VLC and go to : View and enable Advanced Controls.

Play the video and when you want to record the video, just hit the record button. Stop the recording when you are done with the recording.

You can find the recorded videos in MyVideos folder

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12 thoughts on “Cut video clips using VLC

  1. Works quite well, but not sure how to record the sound along with it, it leaves me with a silent film and didn’t quite find sound settings. Knowledge?

  2. @Neso : In my system it works quite well. IF you can listen to the video, then you should be able to record too. Looks like you have problems with input audio codecs. Which other players are you using ?

  3. @Megan : please remove any other codecs present in the system. If you have installed VLC, you do not need any other codecs.

  4. i am following the directions precisely as they are written but my computer just turns it into an mp3 file that goes straight into my video library. i am running windows 7 and can’t get the video of the clips i am creating….how can i fix this?!

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