Merge other email accounts to Gmail

Tiered of maintaining multiple email accounts , and checking them regularly ? here is the solution . you can merge multiple email accounts to your existing gmail account. Which makes all mails to come to your gmail inbox.

Lets say you have Yahoo! and Rediff acounts, then you need to go to Yahoo and and Rediff mails settings page to set “auto forward” all the mails , to your Gmail account.
This is a very simple step and can be done within 5 minutes. After this change, you will be able to see Yahoo, and Rediff mail copies in your Gmail inbox.
Next step is to send your mail as your yahoo mail Id or Rediff mail id from your gmail!

-Login to gmail and click on to settings.

-Click on accounts and Import

-Click on “Send Mail from another address”

-Add your yahoo mail id and rediffmail id in the wizard . A confirmation / verification code will be sent to your respective accounts.

-enter the verification code and validate the email ids

Go to Gmail compose page. Now you will have different values in the drop down of the “From field”

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2 thoughts on “Merge other email accounts to Gmail

  1. I do not think its possible to integrate such a way cause most of the email service providers do not give auto email forward as a free service. For example yahoo supports auto email forward only with yahoo plus, paid email service of yahoo.

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