ZIP the files online

Archiving comes handy when you need to upload, say 10 photos to an email, you would always prefer to attach the photos as a single zip file instead of uploading each and every photo / file as an attachment.

In order to zip the file, you need to have archiving softwares like WinZip , WinRar etc. If you do not have either of them installed in your system, here is a tool for you!

NippyZip is a provider of a free and secure online compression utility for all your files.
Email your zipped files to friends, family, associates or work colleagues.
Download zipped files for your own personal use while on the move, in the office or at home.
NippyZip is easy to use, it doesn’t require an email account, or require the user to have a zip compression utility on their computer, making it an ideal tool for many Internet users.
Add 1 to 10 files to zip online
Send zip file to email or download it.
Max size per upload is 5024kb.

this software has a simple user interface :


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