View saved passwords in Firefox

If you are a fan of Firefox, one reason could be because of its efficient management of passwords. When you log in to any website with an user name and password , Firefox shows a pop-up showing three options , “Remember” , “Not Now” and “Never for this site” . You can store the password using the first option. Its not a good idea to remember the passwords in a shared / public computer.

Firefox stores all the passwords for websites. You can always see the names of the websites for which you stored the passwords.

So , lets say you have lost your password for a website , and fortunately you have that password stored in Firefox. Question here is, will you be able to read / recover the password ?

Yes! you can see the stored passwords in Firefox.
– Go to Tools->Options then click on Security.
– Click on Saved Passwords

A list of websites, for which you stored password , gets displayed.
Click on “Show Passwords” and click Yes on confirmation.
Password gets displayed.

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