Split large file into smaller chunks using WinRar

Ever tried sending a file that is more than 20MB in size over email ? You will come to know about the complexity once you start uploading the file as an attachment. In Gmail, Yahoo! mail, first it checks for the file size. If it is more than the limit, it will simply not allow you to upload.

One alternate solution for this is to use file sharing services like SkyDrive, MediaFire, Rapidshare, Megashare. There are some limitations in these services too. At a time you can upload any file which is only less than 50MB in size. Once you upload the file you will be able to share it.

WinRar, which is a file archiving software has many useful features in it. One of those is splitting up the files into smaller chunks. This tutorial explains you about the same.

– Install WinRar : Download
– Open WinRar Go to Options->Settings
– Click on tab Compression, then on Define Volume size , define a custom volume as shown here

– Navigate to the file which you want to split. Right click on the file and select “Add to Archive”

– In the wizard page , select the format as .RAR and the custom size

– Finish the wizard.

File chunks will now be created with FILENAME_PART.01 .. PART02 and so on.
In order to merge and extract these files, you need to double click on any of the chunks , and after that files will be merged to form the original file back

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