Print MP3 disc cover with Movie Name-> Song tree

This tutorial explains you how you can print the mp3 disk cover with the song list in Mp3 disc.

This can also be used to print the contents of any data disc.
– MP3 Disc
– MS Power point / Adobe Photoshop / Nero cover designer
– Printer (Optional)

– Insert the data disc / mp3 into the CD-ROM drive
– Open the command prompt , by start->run type cmd and hit Enter.
– type commend CD (your drive letter) :\
– Once you are in the directory, in the command prompt , type TREE and hot enter
– Tree gets displayed. right click on the command prompt window click select all hit enter.

– Open Microsoft power point , or adobe photoshop, create a text box of width and height , of the CD / MP3 cover. You can also use Nero cover designer.
– Paste the contents to the text box, divide it into two or three columns
– Print the cover.

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