Duplicate music file finder – detect duplicate music files

My system has at least 20 % of the hard disk space, occupied by music files 😀 . When the storage size of music files is really huge, it becomes difficult to handle music files efficiently .

We just copy music files inserting mp3 data disk into the drive, many times it so happens that , the music files gets repeated on the system drive. So, there is a possibility of wastage of hard disk space.

It would have been better if you can find those duplicate music files and delete them. One option,no doubt Windows File Search. The problem with the file search is that, it searches the files based on the File Name. If the duplicate music files have different names, Windows Search is of no use.

DMFF (Duplicate Music Files Finder) searches for the music files , Not based on the file names, instead based on music tags, CRC ( Cyclic Redundancy Check )match etc. Once you find the duplicate music files, you can delete the files with one mouse click!

Its a freeware and you can download from here

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