Tweak VLC to get better quality video

Tweak VLC to get better quality video

VLC Player
Most of us use VLC for video playback. This tutorial helps you to get the video clarity better .
When you install VLC, the default output renderer will be OpenGL. Though the video quality is good, if you have a monitor that is 19′ or above in screen size, with wide screen, if the video resolution is 672 * 288 or low,then the video frames look stretched. with lines appearing in the sides of the objects inside the video.

VLC Settings
There is a easy fix to overcome this issue.
– Open VLC , go to tools -> preferences

– Click on the video on the left panel
– Change the output to “direct X” from openGL
– Restart VLC .
Once the settings are updated, you can clearly make out the difference in the video clarity

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