Test your actual internet speed

Many people answer “I have a 100 Mbps connection” when I ask the connection speed . Yes! that is not possible, even if it is, the connection will be very very expensive!

Many of us refer to LAN speed , after seeing nice windows pop up saying “local area connection 100Mbps” or something like that. So, what is this speed ? This is just the LAN speed from your router to your PC. Actual speed is something which ISP gives you when you subscribe for the service. That is what we are going to measure now.

Lets say , your internet speed is 512 Kbps , (Upload = 128 Kbps) and you want to verify that.
There is a tool available online , using which you can perfectly measure your internet speed , the ISP is actually providing to you.
Click here to access the tool.
As soon as you load this site, it automatically determines your location . and a yellow triangle gets displayed on the map indicating the nearest server to ping. So, select that.
Please close all online applications like Gtalk etc before you click.
Speed Test

Now, the testing starts. After sometime you will get the report in the following format
Speed test report
The website also tells you the approximate time needed to download a movie, song etc. And your ISP rating.

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