Send E(G)Mail from your mobile phone

You can send email from your GPRS enabled mobile phone. Activate free GPRS before you try to send email.

You require.
– GMail account.
– GPRS enabled phone.

First, sign in to GMAIL, go to settings, click on POP and Forwarding, then enable POP3 access.
Gmail Settings
Activate free GPRS in your mobile phone. Go to connection preferences , go to Name servers. This option is available in all Nokia , and Sony ericsson phones.
Add name servers like

Go to “messaging” in your mobile phone, configure your mailbox
Settings :
-outgoing server :
-incoming server :
-Username : your gmail username (donot include
-Password : your gmail password.
-Mailbox type : POP3
-Security Ports : 143 / 110
-Sercure login : ON

Type a new message and send as email. Add recipient address.. done! your email has been sent. Copy of the mail will be saved in Gmail’s sent items.
You can send attachments too.

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