Save as PDF in MS Word 2007

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PDF reader is free, you can download it from anywhere, but PDF writer is not free. So, how can you easily create a PDF, lets say, from your office applications ? There is a plug in which will do the job for you.

Download the plug in here

This plug in helps you to create PDF documents from your word documents. If you have office 2007 and WinXP SP2 or higher, then just don’t wait, install it. In the Word , “Save As” option, one more option will be added called “Save as PDF”.

This plugĀ  is very small in size. Adds more flexibility for ms word application. Typically when there is version mismatch between the office file, and the application, documents wont render properly. So this plug-in is a easy fix for those problems.

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2 thoughts on “Save as PDF in MS Word 2007

  1. A better software that does not require you to have WinXP or Word 2007 is . You can use this tool which will convert your word document by using the print option. A printer by name doPDF will be added and if you choose that option your word document will be printed as PDF.

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