create windows autoplay disc

Creating windows autoplay disc is not a tricky thing , All autoplay discs have certain set of files in the root directory and when inserted, windows looks for those files and dynamically decides whether to autoplay the disc.
here is a tutorial how you can create a autoplay disc.
lets say, you want to execute a C program or you want to show a simple VB Form on insertion of the disc. All you have to do is,
– Create a executable file VB form , or C program executable file having extension example.exe
– Open notepad and type the following code

icon= icon.ico

save the file as autorun.inf.
If you want you can create a Icon for the disc using this tool. If the icon is supplied, Icon gets displayed, else default icon will be displayed in the drive list.

place autorun.inf and example.exe in the root directory (not inside any folder) . Start filling your data into the disc, and burn the disc!
You disc with autorun feature is ready.

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