Broadband download monitor – easy tool to monitor download

Many of us use broadband schemes provided by ISP s, with the download limit. Many people are confused with the term “download” thinking that the term refers to the file downloads you do. Actually it is not ! “download” here means the total data transaction that happens in the server, say, you had a voice conversation for 1 hour, data download will be roughly 60MB.Watching youtube videos, navigating in Google earth drastically cuts down your download limit or the bandwidth.

Over the web we came across an interesting tool , broadband download monitor. This tool helps you to monitor the overall data transaction that happens over the network . You can set the download limit of your ISP , and relatively the graph gets displayed.
Once you cross the download limit, Pop-up gets displayed , alerting you from exceeding the download limit.
The type of the alert you get, and the time of the alert are customizable.

This is a very useful tool , and it is free!

Install : dot net framework
Download link

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6 thoughts on “Broadband download monitor – easy tool to monitor download

  1. Is there any settings in this tool, to exclude the duration for not to monitor? Say for ex. during ofc hrs i dont want data transaction to be monitored in my laptop Whereas, at home when I use my internet connection I want it to be monitored. Is there any way I can do this?

  2. This tool starts up along with windows. Appearing as a quick launch item near to the computer clock. You can always disable monitoring by closing the application there.
    As of now, you cannot schedule this tool not to monitor for a fixed duration. You will heave to do it manually.

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