Boost download speed with DAP

Download Accelerator Plus is an easy-to-use tool which speeds up the download speed by four fold. Normal downloads using windows download manager , usually be slow due to sequential download of the file. For example if you have a 256 Kbps connection, ideally you should get 32KBps download speed , and a file of 1MB should take only 32 seconds to download.

Lets see how DAP works. When you select a file for download , DAP splits up the file into fragments. Number of fragments into which file gets broken, is customizable. Once the file is broken, each fragment gets downloaded independently utilizing the complete internet speed. Once all the fragments are downloaded, they are are merged together to get the actual file.
This software is free, and works with any browser. when you select a file for download, DAP handles it automatically.

One more important point is that , you can pause the download at any point in time and continue later! This is not possible with the standard windows download handler (Pause download is supported only by non – file sharing websites)

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