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No doubt!, Gmail always comes with new interesting features which, other email sites copy 🙂 . Gmail works very nice when your system is connected to the internet, now, even when it is not connected !

Recently Google Labs has come up with a new application called “Offline Gmail” . You can use all the features of Gmail when your system is not connected to internet. Features that are accessible offline are
– Reading mails
– Search / Labelling
– Sending mails
– Delete

offline Gmail uses a open source browser extension called Google gears. Actions you perform offline, like sending the mails, will be cached and when the your computer is connected, Gmail sends the messages in your outbox, also retrieves the new mails from the server.

To use this feature , just enable offline mode, by navigating to Gmail->Settings->offline and enable offline mail.
Gmail settings
When you are offline a icon indicating offline mode gets displayed next to your user name in the Gmail. But it makes no difference for the users whether he is connected or not ,because there is no change in the way Gmail behaves in both the modes.

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